Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose Your Cancer?

Cancer Misdiagnosis in Palm Beach County

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Early detection of cancer plays a key role in fighting it before it has a chance to spread to other parts of the body. Statically, you are much more likely to cure cancer during the beginning stages than later on. Your physician should be able to identify the potential of many cancers based on your current condition and medical history in order to make an early diagnosis. In failing to diagnose cancer, your doctor could end up costing you thousands in medical expenses and put your personal health at risk. While it is unlikely this was intentional, the fact remains that the situation should be brought to light so that you can get help paying expenses and the medical field as a whole is reminded about the importance of staying vigilant.

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You Need an Expert Witness

As in most medical malpractice claims, it is almost impossible to prove your doctor was negligent in your cancer care without expert witness testimony. For people outside of the medical field, it is difficult to tell what a doctor could have done. Another physician will almost certainly need to be consulted in order to ascertain whether or not this mistake could have been avoided with more diligence.

There are several different types of cancer misMisdiagnosis diagnoses an expert witness can help identify:

  • Failure to diagnoseWhen a medical professional fails to diagnose cancer when a more thorough examination was called for.
  • MisdiagnosisWhen a medical professional mistakes cancer for a different kind of cancer and wastes the patient’s time and money treating an unrelated condition.
  • Wrong diagnosis – It is not unheard of for a doctor to diagnose cancer in a patient that is cancer-free. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress, but the victim can also end up sinking money in treatments and tests that they never needed in the first place.

At Somera & Silva, LLP, we have a physician on staff and one of our co-founding attorneys is a licensed medical doctor. We can have medical professionals review your claim and offer their insight.

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